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Lunch and snacks


We're keen to encourage healthy eating for all the children.  We request that parents provide their children with their own individual healthy snack (no sweets, crisps or chocolate, please!) either in a named container or bag.   The children do a lot of cooking within the Preschool and get lots of supervised practice of cutting and peeling and eating!  We always have spare snack items if parents forget. 

 Lunch Club runs every day.

All children who attend the morning session are welcome to join us for Lunch Club and go home afterwards.  Children who attend the afternoon session can join us for lunch and then stay for their session.

Children should bring their own packed lunch and a drink in named containers. We also offer milk and water to the chidlren, if they wish to have it.  Lunch time is very much a social occasion where the children and staff eat together.  After lunch, children are free to choose from the available activities again both indoors and outdoors.


In accordance with our policies and procedures, we try to teach children the benefits of a healthy diet.  We would therefore ask that children staying for lunch are provided with a healthy lunch, avoiding sweets and unhealthy snacks.  We are of course sensitive to food allergies and would also ask that you do not provide chocolate or sesame seeds or nut-products, e.g., peanut butter,


Please also inform the Preschool Managers if you think your child may have an allergy and they will complete a risk assessment together with yourself to manage this risk.  For those children bringing packed lunches, there is some fridge space for heat-sensitive food.  

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