Capel Pre-School is a registered charity and is run by a committee of parents with the aim to provide high quality childcare. All profits are put back into the pre-school to provide the very best facilities and resources. Capel Pre-School encourages all parents and carers to participate in the Committee and we welcome all skills that parents can offer.  Parents and carers can volunteer to join the Management Committee, which is a sub-committee created by election of members at the Annual General Meeting. This team are responsible for the overall management, control and solvency of the Pre-School and become Capel Pre-School Charity Trustees.

The committee consists of the Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and not less than 2, or more than 9 other elected members. 


Current Management Committee

Chair-Person:         Michelle Clark

Treasurer:             Emma Kerr

Secretary:             Vacancy

General Members:  Charlotte Ward

Kirsty Rapley

                  Andy Poulton

We also have an active Fundraising Committee

We love to have new volunteers join us, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information about joining the Management Fundraising Committees