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We would like to reassure all parents / carers that Preschool continues to follow the guidelines set out by Public Health England and the Government guidance for educational settings and that we will pass on any updates that we receive.  As set out by HM Government (NHS) we ask that you and your child/children wash your hands before coming into the Preschool grounds, the best advice continues to be, to wash your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds using soap and water or a hand sanitiser to minimize the spread of the COVID-19.



BAG 2 SCHOOL are a company that specialises in the reuse and recycling of good quality second hand clothing.  We have handed out leaflets informing you of what items can and cannot be included. Please could we ask that you have a “good sort out” all items will be much appreciated for fundraising for the Preschool, as they say “The more they weigh, the more they pay”

BAG 2 SCHOOL no longer provides plastic collection bags, this is an attempt to reduce single use plastics, they are happy to accept any form of waterproof plastic bags (new or used). 

Please ensure that all bags are brought to the Preschool by either Wednesday 18th November between 3:30pm – 5pm or by Thursday 19th, 9am at the latest (we often have the early pickup – 9:00am on the dot and unfortunately, we cannot accept clothes after the van has collected).

Capel Pre School Charity Number 1026093  Tel. 01306 712717